How to Spot an Otter

Otter spotting

Another poem for little kids. About watching for shy and retiring otters.

Inspired by an episode as a small child when on a family holiday in Scotland… After waiting patiently by a riverside known for its otters, we finally spotted one. Unsurprisingly it decided to run off when I waved at it.

Also inspired by the word ‘otter’ which, let’s face it, is pretty awesome.


What a rotter is the otter
Not a lotta people spot ‘er
‘Cos she’s quite the little plotter
And she likes to hide away.

If you’ve gotta spot an otter
Then you gotta squat a lotter
Keeping still, don’t trot or totter
And you’ll spot her as she plays.

If you’re hotter as a spotter
(And you’re not a rotten squatter)
Then to spot the rotter otter
Is enough to make your day.


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