The Android Curve of Disappointment

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I’m not anti-Android, really I’m not. I like a lot about it and have had a couple of Android phones. But here’s the thing… I don’t have them for very long.


I’ve tried to like it, really I have. I like much of it in principle, I like much of it on paper. I’m a gadget-head and so therefore I like to tinker and play with my phones and get them just how I like them. And the iPhone is so sorely lacking in the customisation department. Though with a bit of jailbreaking I can get that little bit closer.

But every time I get seduced by a new Android handset and read all the glowing reviews and then finally, excitedly get my grubby mitts on the thing, I find a trend emerges. And they say a picture paints a thousand words, so I drew that trend. Though it has nearly a thousand words on it, so I’m not sure what I’ve achieved.

But anyway, I present to you, the Android Curve of Disappointment. Please don’t tell me how to solve any of the issues I’ve had with Android and labelled here – it’s my curve and it’s just how it is.

Maybe I’ll change. Maybe Android will change. I’m bound to give it another go within a year anyway, I always do. But for now, I’m back on iPhone, sucker that I presumably am.


The Android Curve of Disappointment

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