Who I am

I am currently Head of Design and UX at FT.com, the digital division of the Financial Times, where I’ve been since 2007.

Financial Times FT logo

I’m responsible for the design and usability of the Financial Times’ digital products which includes the FT.com website and our award-winning mobile web app for tablets and smartphones, as well as our portfolio of other websites and mobile apps.

Before then I was Deputy Head of Design for the digital division of Associated Newspapers, called at various times Associated New Media (ANM), Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND), and now part of A&N Media. I worked there from 1999 to 2007 and led the design on all the major projects in  that time, including the websites for the Daily Mail, Evening Standard and Metro newspapers as well as consumer titles This is Money, This is Travel, femail.co.uk and others. Being simpler times, this work often extended to branding, logos and coding.

In my spare time I like to dabble in photography and music and occasionally race cars and motorbikes (badly).

Who I am not

There are several other imposter Dan Skinners in this world that I am not. I am not the comedian guy that does that Greek bloke on Shooting Stars. Though he goes by his middle name, presumably so people don’t confuse him with me.

I’m also not another photographer called Dan Skinner whose emails I genuinely do get quite regularly when people try to get in touch with him through my Dan Skinner Photography site. I tend to know quite early on whether the emails are intended for me or him as he apparently specialises in soft gay porn, and the emails I get tend to ask for prints of his celebrated Naked Men in Changing Room Sniffing Jockstraps series.

This is a little unfortunate for me and may possibly be affecting sales of my own prints from my site, which tend to be of sunsets and kittens and the like. Though it’s more likely that people just don’t want to buy them anyway. Either way, I may admit defeat and close that site down in time and concentrate on this one. We shall see. But if you do need any soft gay porn then just google my name and look for images. Probably not at work though.

What this site is for

Not sure really. It’s an eclectic mix of digital design, photography, music and children’s poems about animals. More of a dumping ground than anything with any real structure or aim, I’m afraid. Deal with it.