A Pun in the Oven


I love a good pun, me. Who doesn’t? And what better way is there to enliven a dull Monday morning at work than to try and come up with a well-crafted, quality pun?

So it would be churlish of me not to recommend the Pundamental page run by a good friend of mine who, sadly, has not paid me anything to endorse him in this way.

The page currently resides solely on Facebook and merely requires liking before being open to anyone to contribute in the weekly contest from around 8:30 to lunchtime each Monday. The theme changes each week but has to connect with either music or films, usually alternating.

The most recent theme combined Music and DIY, giving rise to such noble entries as Let it B&Q, The Artex Monkeys and the eventual and deserving winner, Smells Like White Spirit. A recent movie theme was Clothes which provided Fear and Clothing in Las Vegas, Anoraknophobia and the sublime Desperately Seeking Shoezone.

Anyway, you get the idea. It’s not very serious. But it’s a pleasant way of whiling away that first meeting of the day, biro in mouth and eyes in the middle distance. Oh, and I did the artwork too. So head on over to the Pundamental page, do that liking thing and join in next Monday.

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